Nutritional Supplements

While there is no cure for macular degeneration, many patients with macular degeneration can benefit from certain nutritional supplements. The Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) showed that a combination of high-dose antioxidants and micronutrients can help slow the progression of macular degeneration. The original formula, which consisted of beta-carotene, vitamins C, vitamin E, zinc, and copper, reduced the risk of progression to advanced forms of the disease by 25% in certain patients. The more recent AREDS 2 study found that a modified formula (substituting beta-carotene for antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin) provided a 20% risk reduction beyond the original formula in those with low dietary intake of lutein and zeaxanthin.

Click here for our printable nutritional supplements handout

Intraocular Injections

In patients with the wet form of macular degeneration, injections of medications can stop abnormal blood vessel growth. These injections are administered directly into the eye and can help preserve and sometimes improve your vision. These medications include:

  • Avastin® (bevacizumab)
  • Eylea® (aflibercept)
  • Lucentis® (ranibizumab)

Intraocular injections are performed in our office on the same day of your visit. The procedure is relatively quick and usually does not cause any significant discomfort.

Low Vision Services

In more advanced stages of the disease, low vision services are available to help patients cope with vision loss and help maximize vision. At NH Eye Associates, we are proud to partner with the New Hampshire Association for the Blind to provide in-home or office consultations for those requiring vision rehabilitation.

Learn more about low vision services and the New Hampshire Association for the Blind here.

The Implantable Miniature Telescope

Despite many treatment options available, macular degeneration can sometimes progress to ‘end-stage’ disease, which is not correctable with glasses, intraocular injections, or surgery. The Implantable Miniature Telescope is tiny device implanted inside the eye (similar to a cataract surgery) for patients with end-stage disease.

Our doctors at NH Eye Associates are proud to be part of the treatment team here in New Hampshire, offering evaluations for the miniature telescope. More information, including patient eligibility, can be found on the CentraSight website. If you, or someone you know, may be a candidate for the Implantable Miniature Telescope, please contact our office for more information.