Choosing the right pair of eyeglasses will ensure that your child receives the greatest benefit from their corrective eyewear. Our experienced team of licensed opticians is specifically trained in fitting glasses for children. With a full selection of frames for kids of all ages, we will be sure to find a pair of eyeglasses that your child will love to wear.

We believe that an optical shop is far more than just a place to choose lenses and frames. We offer continued support with your child’s eyewear by providing free adjustments, cleanings, and overall maintenance.

About Our Children’s Eyeglasses

Our children’s glasses are made to the highest standards, with impact resistant lens material that ensures durability. Our lenses also undergo special processing that allows them to achieve the thinnest and lightest weight possible. This processing also allows for a better-looking, more comfortable pair of glasses. We carry a full selection of frame styles and colors sure to please any child or young adult, and offer prices to fit any budget. With a large variety to choose from, including the latest designer brand names, your child is sure to find a pair of glasses perfectly suited for them. We also carry a wide range of specialty eyewear for children, including sports glasses and sunglasses.

Choosing Your Child’s Eyeglasses

Choosing eyeglasses for your child can be challenging and we aim to make it fun for everyone. Getting your child involved in the selection of their eyewear is the single most important part of this process. If they like their glasses, they are more likely to wear them.

Our opticians will start by advising you on frame choices that best match your child’s face and prescription. We check the width of the lens to make sure the eyes are centered and they are properly placed on the bridge of the nose. We also ensure that the temples are correctly positioned around the back of the ear, which will prevent glasses from sliding down their face.

We take a great deal of time to make sure that the frame fits their face perfectly. Glasses not only allow for better vision, but they also help maintain alignment of the eyes. If a frame does not fit well, a child may not get the full therapeutic benefit and consequently refuse to wear them.

Our optician will also help you select the best frame and lens material based upon your child’s specific vision needs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Many insurance companies in New Hampshire will cover the cost of a basic pair of eyeglasses for patients under the age of 18. Our opticians will help you find the specific benefits covered under your insurance plan.
All of our children’s glasses come with a warranty that includes broken frames or scratched lenses. In addition, since kids prescription lenses often change, our warranty will cover updates when needed within one year.
We offer free adjustment for all our glasses to ensure that they stay fitting perfectly, for even the most active of children
It is not uncommon that a child’s glasses may become broken or require adjustments, so a second pair of glasses will be needed when the other is being repaired. An extra pair of glasses can also be very helpful if one pair is ever lost. Be sure to ask our opticians about our kid’s packages, which include discounts on the purchase of a second pair of eyeglasses.
Glasses should be cleaned daily and kept in their case when not in use. Also remember to remove them with both hands in order to prevent bending the frames.
You do not need an appointment to come to our optical department. You can choose your eyeglasses on the day of your appointment or come back at a more convenient time. We are also happy to fill an eyeglass prescription from an outside location. Please feel free to visit us in our Manchester or Londonderry office at your convenience.