Children with a wide range of vision problems come to NH Eye Associates for comprehensive eye care. As one the leading eye care providers in southern New Hampshire, we are pleased to provide pediatric ophthalmology services from our Manchester and Londonderry locations.

Dr. Melissa Wong is a fellowship-trained, board certified pediatric ophthalmologist who specializes in the medical and surgical treatments of eye conditions in children including:

Dr. Wong also treats adult strabismus and is available for routine eye exams.

About Our Facilities

Our newly constructed pediatric exam rooms are specially equipped for children. Each room has its own high-definition viewing screen which is specifically designed to attract a child’s attention and help facilitate a comprehensive eye examination.

We also have a separate, kid-friendly ‘movie room’ that is designed to keep the waiting process as pleasant as possible for kids of all ages. In addition to enjoying their favorite film, children can solve puzzles in our ‘NH EYE’ coloring book.

What To Expect During Your Visit

A pediatric evaluation will typically last about 1-2 hours from the time you enter the exam room. Your child’s entire medical, ocular, family, and social history will be reviewed as well as any current medications. The examination will start with a measurement of your child’s vision. The pupils, eye muscles, side vision, color vision, and stereoacuity will be tested. Prisms also may be used to measure any misalignment of the eyes.

Your child will then be given eye drops that will dilate their pupils. These drops take about 30 minutes to work. They may make the eyes light sensitive and difficult to focus, especially up close, for several hours.

The doctor will then shine several lights into your child’s eyes. These instruments allow for a thorough examination of the various parts that make up both the outside and inside the eye, as well as check for any problems that may require prescription glasses.

Additional testing, including specialized imaging, may also be required to further evaluate any abnormal findings on the exam. The results of your child’s evaluation will then be reviewed with you at the completion of the visit.